bespoke or modular

bespoke - the kitchen of your dreams

Commissioning a bespoke kitchen provides you with the opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams, custom designed to fit perfectly into your home and provide you with all you require and desire from a kitchen.

Whether you are updating or adding value to your home, looking to find kitchen solutions to make your lives easier, or just wanting to impress your friends - a bespoke kitchen is designed to fit your personal requirements down to the smallest detail.

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get involved - or not...

Your involvement is also bespoke! If you want to specify down to the finest detail what you want from your kitchen we look forward to building it for you. If you want to let our design team come up with solutions for you that is also what we are good at. Or let’s work together to find the best fit for you and your home.

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Modular - bespoke 'feel' & modest budget

Choosing a modular kitchen gives you the opportunity to create the kitchen you desire, and which works for you and your space, by hand picking the units from a range. Whilst being a cheaper alternative to a bespoke kitchen - it still gives you the flexibility to pick from a range of options that work best for you and your home.

One of the reasons our customers love our modular kitchens is that you get the ‘feel’ of a bespoke kitchen but on a more modest budget.

Woodland modular kitchen units are fully hand-built to a high quality from start to finish, using timber materials, in our Devon workshop. All units are completed in the workshop and we have a full fitting service available at an extra cost.

Modular ranges

We are very excited to add our new range of “Shaker style” modular kitchen units to our line up of modular kitchens.

Whatever style works best for you to compliment your home and lifestyle Woodland has a choice of modular ranges to choose from:

  • Shaker
  • Traditional
  • Modern
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woodland vs. commercial

All of our modular kitchen units are hand built in our Devon workshop by our skilled craftspeople.
All units are high quality and use timber materials and offer a huge step up in quality over commercial kitchens.
Woodland offer a full fitting service (at an additional cost).

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why woodland kitchens & joinery?

First and foremost we take pride in our work and want to create kitchens that are functional and look great from the day they are finished and for many years to come. We won’t cut corners in our efforts to create what you, the customer, wants.

From design to installation we will provide a top of the range product and service without compromise. At every stage of the process you will be working with experienced, talented tradespeople who are highly skilled, passionate, and self-motivated to produce perfection.

Before we even get to that stage one of our designers will work with you to create your kitchen, incorporating your ideas (including design, materials and finishes), to create the perfect kitchen for whatever space you have available.

Your kitchen will then be completely hand-built by skilled craftsmen in our Devon workshop before being professionally installed into your home.

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